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SCRIP is a shopping card program to help parents earn extra money towards tuition based on how many shopping cards are purchased by their family and their extended family and friends. The more shopping cards purchased the more credit you earn toward tuition! You can purchase shopping cards for stores and restaraunts that you already frequent and the cards are worth their face value. 


To benefit the school, each retailer gives a small percentage of the card sale back to our school. Of the percentage that is given back to the school, half of this money is applied to a family's tuition and the other half goes to the school to help with administration costs and school projects. The current rebate will vary from card to card depending on the retailer and the current offer. 


There are two ways to participate:


1. Complete a Scrip Order Form. On the form, you select the gift cards that you would like to purchase. The percentage received back is shown beside the retailer's name. The form and money can be turned into Betina Lang to complete the order. 


2. Visit At your first visit, you will need to "Register". Choose "Join a SCRIP Program". Enter the following enrollment code for St. John's: A9EDE85C1723L


Once the order has been placed, you will be notified when the gift cards are available for pick up. Rebates can be cashed in by completing a Rebate Credit Form. Cashed-in rebates will be applied tuition in the months of January, April and September. 


For more information about SCRIP, please contact Russ Lang or Betina Lang.  


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