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Who We Are

The St. John Central School Local Educational Advisory Council (LEAC) is a consultative body to the principal and pastoral administrator in governance regarding school policy.  The council is made up of seven voting and two non-voting members.  


The voting members consist of:

  • Four members, one from each of the four central school parishes

  • One representative of the Faculty/Staff of St. John Central School

  • The president of the Home and School Association (or designee)

  • One priest (pastoral administrator) from one of the four central parishes

The principal and school treasurer/bookkeeper also serve on the LEAC, as non-voting members .​

Our Vision

Responsibilities of the LEAC include:

  • Planning

  • Policy Development

  • Financing (as a liaison to the school finance council)

  • Evaluation of LEAC responsibilities

  • Provide consultation to the pastoral administrator regarding employment of the school principal 

  • Abiding by the policies of the diocesan school LEAC and, where applicable, the regulations of the State of Ohio.  


Current Members

  • Kenley Schwendeman, St. Ambrose 

  • Chris Schweikert, St. Bernard

  • St. John the Baptist

  • Jenna Long, Our Lady of Mercy 

  • Paulette Tome, Staff Representative

  • Brandon Wheeler, Home and School President

  • Fr. David Gaydosik, Pastor

Non-Voting Members:

  • Karen Pottmeyer, School Principal

  • Pam Keeney, Treasurer/Bookkeeper



6:30 PM 



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