St. John Central School has 87 students enrolled in Grade K through Grade 8 and 22 students at the preschool as of October 31, 2020.


All employees (both licensed and non-licensed) and regular volunteers who have direct contact with children at St. John Central School must complete acceptable electronic criminal background checks in accord with the current policies of the Diocese of Steubenville--Decree on Child Protection. In addition, all employees (both licensed and non-licensed) must complete acceptable background checks through fingerprinting in accordance with section 3313.39 of the Ohio Revised Code and rule 3301-20-01 of the Ohio Administrative Code; and may not have contact with children until acceptable background checks through fingerprinting are completed.  Background checks (both electronic and through fingerprinting) are completed every five (5) years. For auxiliary service personnel such a school nurses, psychologists etc., who are government employees or subject to state regulations, the school Principal shall obtain copies of both a Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) criminal records check every five years, from the employer of auxiliary service personnel.