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Kelley Arnold



Teacher at St. John Central since 1985



Married to Hugh Arnold since 1980.  We live on a farm in Waterford with hay as our main crop.  Hugh makes, sells, buys and delivers hay.  

We have three children: 

Holly, married to Mike Assad and living in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Seth, married to Jenny and living in Seville, Ohio.  They have one daughter, Lucy, born March 21, 2014. 
Robin, married to Eric and living in Waterford.  They have two children, Adalyn, age 5, and Eli, age 2.



Spoiling grandchildren, reading, Broadway musicals, and traveling. Walking is my favorite exercise and I spend many hours walking the roads training for half-marathons.  



* Enter the classroom quietly and be ready to work when the bell rings. 

*Be courteous, cooperative,and polite. 
*Show respect to the teacher and to your fellow students.  Respect others property, right to work without distraction, and show respect by being attentive toward whoever is speaking.  
* Keep a positive attitude and encourage others.  Put downs are not acceptable, positive comments and compliments are expected. 
*Be prepared for class.  Bring books, pencils, and homework to class.  
*Reading logs are checked almost every day.  They must be completed or points will be deducted. Students not completing the reading log may be required to stay in the classroom at recess to read.  
*Homework is due at the start of class.  If not completed, points will be deducted.  

Classroom Goals:
*To provide each student with a high-quality educational experience. 
*To encourage a positive relationship with each student to let them know I am interested in their accomplishments, interests, and the books they read. 
*To challenge each student to work to their potential and beyond what they think they can accomplish.  
*To build a love of literature by exposing students to a wide variety of characters, genres, and authors.  
*To prepare students for the requirements of high school reading and vocabulary.
*To cover required standards with innovative activities and  technology, 

Classroom Curriculum:
The classroom curriculum is based on current Common Core Standards.  I use a variety of reading materials as well as occasional use of a basal reading program.  Students are required to read books and take tests to meet point goals through the Accelerated Reading program. The vocabulary and spelling program involves the Worldly Wise Vocabulary workbook which requires students to use higher level thinking skills.  

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