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Ken Huck



After a nearly forty-year career as an aerospace engineer, I have been teaching at St. John Central since 2016: 5-8th grade religion, 5-8th grade computer/technology, and substitute 5 & 6th grade math. Along with Mrs. Richardson, I maintain the school internet and computer equipment. I have been involved with teaching RCIA, PSR, and Confirmation at a number of parishes.  I’m in the process of completing my catechist certification through the Franciscan University of Steubenville.



My parents, Ralph and Leora, were lifelong members of St John the Baptist.  I have four sisters and two brothers, and all of us attended St John Central. I have numerous uncles, aunts, and cousins in the area. 



Biking, reading, working on the family farm, teaching 5th & 6th grade PSR, attending Catholic conferences, and hosting a weekly radio program called “Meet the Author” on the Radio Maria network.



Be courteous, cooperative, and polite. 
Show respect to the teacher and to your fellow students. 
Keep a positive attitude and encourage others.

If a student has an absence parents are expected to make arrangements for makeup materials and ensure that the student completes the material. 


Encourage a lifelong love of Jesus and his Church.

Understand the “why” of what we believe, and a lifelong desire to become knowledgeable about our faith.

Encourage all students to be comfortable asking questions.

Address every student’s question seriously and respectfully.

Every student is expected to participate in classroom discussion.

Participate in the Diocese of Steubenville “Tournament of Truth” competition.

Prepare students for high school technology.

Students are expected to take responsibility for their academic performance and behavior.


My classes are typically very fast paced, and I try to cover as much material as possible.

I use a considerable amount of multimedia material to keep the students engaged.





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