Courses of study and curriculum guides for grades kindergarten through eight are in compliance with the Ohio Department of Education Minimum Standards for Elementary and Secondary Schools and the guidelines and policies of the Diocese of Steubenville Office of Education.


Report Cards & Student Evaluation


Report cards are sent home for grades kindergarten through eight four times a year to indicate to parents the child’s academic growth and achievement.  Students may also take home class papers for parents to review to keep parents up to date with their child’s progress. The following standards are used as guides in the assessment of grades:  Class Participation, Ability Levels, Tests and Examinations, Homework and Assignments, and Student Effort.


Kindergarten students will receive an individualized assessment report for each grading period. 


Students in grades 1 through 8 will receive letter grades in Music, Physical Education, Art, and Conduct that will be included in determining Honor Roll participation.


Grade Scale for Grades 1 through 8:            

A = 100% - 93 %                  Superior

B =   92% - 85%                    Above Average

C =   84% - 75%                    Average

D =   74% - 66%                    Below Average

F  =   65% - 0%                      Failure


Other marks for achievement used:            

O         Outstanding

S          Satisfactory

U         Unsatisfactory

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